Identifying Genuine Alumawood™ Materials A buyer beware regarding Alumawood™ "Bait & Switch".

How to Identify Alumawood™ Materials

Here are some ways to notice Alumawood™ from the imitator's right off the bat prior to ordering and also some ways to verify you actually receive Alumawood™.

Prior to ordering Alumawood™.

  • Wood Grain Texture: Alumawood™ materials are embossed to give a cedar grain finish, the cedar embossed wood grain texture is unique to Alumawood™, most of the imitator's are using a larger and heavier embossed wood grain texture (some refer to this as a driftwood texture).
  • Color Names: The Alumawood colors are White, Desert Sand, Sonora Beige, Mojave Tan, Latte and Adobe; Alumawood™is not available in Ivory, Champagne, Platinum, Almond, Cameo, Brown, etc. as those are names from the imitating manufacturers.
  • Teflon Surface Protector: Exclusive Aluma-Shield℠ paint system has the addition of Teflon® surface protector to provide extended longevity, superior durability and ease of maintenance; no imitator has Teflon® surface protector.
  • Product Names: The Brand name is Alumawood™, not Aluma Wood or Aluma-Wood, Durawood, Ultra Lattice, Elitewood and so forth; the only Covers available by Alumawood™ is the Solid Roof Newport Patio covers and the Open Roof Laguna Pegola Lattice covers.

Verifying you received Alumawood™

  • Packing Slip: Whether you purchase from a Do-It-Yourself Supplier or from a Contractor you will want to view the packing slip which should be from Amerimax Building Products, Inc..
  • Engineering Report: You should receive a copy of the product Engineering Report and the Report should have Amerimax Building Products listed as the Manufacturer.
  • Label on Product: “AMERIMAX ALUMAWOOD” is stamped in black ink inside the 2" x 6 ½" Rafters and 3" x 8" Beams,  to see the ink stamp take off an end cap of the 2" x 6 ½" Rafters and 3" x 8" Beams“AMERIMAX ALUMAWOOD” ink stamp (see picture below) should be there.
Alumawood Stamp inside 3" x 8" Box Beam
Alumawood Stamp prior to being formed.
Alumawood Arbor Lattice Labeled to Show the Side Fascia and Box Beam
Alumawood Newport Patio Cover Labeled to Show the Side Fascia and Box Beam

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