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Aluminum Patio Cover Kit Engineering

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Engineering Report for Amerimax Patio Covers

Your Do-It-Yourself patio cover is an investment, to protect your investment the DIY Patio Kits are engineered to withstand strong winds up to 160mph and heavy snow up to 60lbs per sq/ft.

Will the DIY Kit meet my local codes?

All of our Aluminum Patio Cover Kits are backed by the International Building Code, the most widely accepted engineering standard in the United States.

designed and tested to put you and your families safety First!

DIY Kit strong enough for my area?

Your DIY Patio Kit is designed for your local requirements, when you speak with us or fill out a free quote let us know your area requirements and we will design a cover that meets your needs.

Need a set of Engineering Plans?

Engineering Report for Amerimax Patio Covers

If you decide to get a permit we have engineering plans for you, we take care of the engineering so you don't have too!

Part of our service is preparing the engineering plans, that you can present to your HOA or Building Department.

What are Engineering Plans?

The engineering plans for the covers with maximum span capabilities easily laid out in tables and drawings showing the connections. The plans are highlighted and and emailed to you if you need a set for getting permit.

Do I need Engineering Plans?

If you're getting a permit the local building dept. will use them to reference that your cover meets your local requirements.

Engineering Stamps for Most States

Engineer state stamps

States with Engineers stamp: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Note: If the Engineer is not licensed for your state is does not automatically mean that your Building Dept. will not accept the Engineering Report so check with your local Building Dept. for particulars in your state.


Engineering Plans available for your DIY Kit

Engineering Report for Amerimax Patio Covers

Engineering Report contains Roof Panel, Rafter and various types of Beam Spans with Detailed Drawings of Attachment and Connection Details.

Report Number: ICC ESR 1398

Engineering meets 2015 IBC, 2016 CBC and 2015 AA.

View 2015 ICC Engineering Report

  • ICC: International Code Council
  • IBC: International Building Code
  • AA: Aluminum Assocations

If getting a building permit we recommend that you read a short article on how to obtain a building permit, it can save you time and effort when speaking to your Building Department.

What is included in the Engineering Report?

Plan Drawings
  • Post Connections to Concrete Slab, Concrete Footings or Wood Deck
  • Post Connection to Gutter-Beam or Various Beam Designs
  • Roof Pan or Rafter Connections
  • Hanger Connection to Wall, Fascia and Roof Top
Span Tables Included in Engineering Report:
  • Post Spacing's on Slab
  • Post Spacing's on Footings (with or without slab)
  • Aluminum Beam Clear Spans
  • Steel Beam Clear Spans
  • Wall or Freestanding Attachment for Roof Pan or Rafter Clear Spans
  • Fascia Attachment for Roof Pan or Rafter Clear Spans
  • Roof Top Attachment for Roof Pan or Rafter Clear Spans

Obtaining a Building Permit for your Patio or Carport Project is not part of our service; you will obtain your own permit. However, we help make the permit process easier by offering Product Specific Engineering with our kits which will generally make for a simple permit process.

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