Attaching to roof top ledger board

Wall attachment
  • Benefit: Allows more patio roof height, this is especially true on many track homes built on a slab which generally have a short wall height that makes attaching to the wall not a viable option.
  • Drawbacks:
    1. Not designed for snow regions, the ledger board can create a "snow dam" that puts undue stress on the ledger board. Putting holes in your roof is an added maintenence however the attachment point is outside your wall line so if a leak did occur you could visibly see it and it would not get into your home.

Roof top ledger board installation

Fascia attachment

The Ledger Board is attached to the Roof with 90 Degree Heavy Duty Stanley Brackets (The brackets need to be bent so the new ledger board is plumb.) The Brackets are then Lag Bolted to the Roof and sealed watertight.

Note: The roof top brackets, wood ledger board and lag bolts are to be purchased locally by customer.

Ledger Wrap is an aluminum cover option to protect your ledger board.

Parts to purchase locally

Fascia attachment

Ledger Board: 2” x 8" Douglas Fir (#2 or better)

  1. Roof Brackets: Stanley 8" Corner Brackets Part # 30-4360   1-1/4" wide, 3/16" thick - ASTM A36 Steel
  2. Hardware: Qty. of 3 - #14 x 1.5" per bracket and Qty. of 3 - #14 x 3.5" screws per bracket.
  3. You can find all of these materials at your local home center like Lowes or Home Depot.


Patio Cover Installation

Fascia attachment

Patio Covers attach to the ledger board with the included wall hanger, the roof panels slide into the hanger and extend out to your support beam.


Pergola Lattice Installation

Roof top attachment
  • Pergola Lattice Covers attach to the ledger board with inside rafter brackets which are a "C" shaped, once the brackets are installed the rafters slide of the brackets and then are secure to the brackets with painted screws.


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