Attaching to your Fascia Board

Wall attachment
  • Benefit: Utilizes the roof eave as part of the patio cover, allows for taller patio roof heights.
  • Drawback: Allowable Projection Clear Span of Cover is generally much less than wall attachment; with a fascia attachment the allowable clear span is limited by the strength of the Homes Eave Roof rafters and Eave Projection, the Eave must be strong enough to support the extra load of the patio cover plus the potential load of rainfall, snow and wind uplift.
  • Installation: Patio and Arbor Lattice Covers are connected directly to a 2" Fascia Board.

View Roof Overhang Requirements including Roof Overhang Table per ICC 2015 Engineering Report.

Patio Cover Installation

Fascia attachment

Patio Covers directly attach to your homes fascia board with the included hanger, your fascia board needs to be a minimum of two inches thick and allow enough space for the hanger to attach. The non-insulated Alumawood patio cover has a 2 1/2" tall hanger, the Two hangers are available, your fascia board angle determines what hanger you will need, if your fascia is plumb (straight up and down) the standard wall hanger is used, however, if your fascia board is not plumb a special hanger is used that works like a piano hinge, you will want to verify your fascia angle prior to ordering.

Note: The Insulated patio cover does not have an adjustable hanger so you would need to correct the angle of your fascia if it is not plumb in order for the cover to be able to attach to your fascia board.

Pergola Lattice Installation

Roof top attachment
  • The Alumawood Pergola Lattice covers attach directly to your homes fascia board, fascia board does need to be at least two inches thick, the rafters are available in two heights, 6 1/2" and 8", most kits are 6 1/2" and you need to verify there is enough room for the rafters to attach to your fascia board. For fascia boards that are not plumb (straight up and down) the rafters will need to be cut at an angle to match the pitch of the fascia board.


Preparing your home fascia board


Your homes fascia board needs to be properly secured to the rafters, the use of a 90 degree bracket will create a mechanical connection, these "A34" clips can be purchased locally and are very inexpensive; the clips attach to the back side of fascia board and side of rafter.

Roof overhang with Closed Soffit


If your rafters are not exposed from the bottom side of your overhang you have a closed soffit, with no access to your rafters the A34 clips will not be able to be used, speak with your building department to determine if your fascia board is secured well enough to support the aluminum patio cover.

Fascia angles

Alternate attachments

If your homes fascia board is not plumb please let us know so we can make sure you receive the correct hanger and installation instructions.

Alternate Attachments

Alternate attachments
Alternate attachments

These two pieces are the adjustable hanger for non-plumb fascia boards, the two pieces (A-Rail and J-Hanger) work as a hinge to allow you to set the hanger to the correct angle.

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